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7/3/2018 Richard Davenport I thought the service was excellent. The staff was knowledgeable and helped my wife and I though the process.
Thank you so much for your review. Hope you have safe travels. Brendon - John's Auto Care
6/29/2018 David Wolf Really appreciated the staff's taking the time to research what my vehicle and trailer needed and discussing the costs with me before doing any work. Got done what I really needed and saved me from spending more than necessary.
Thank you David. Happy we could help.. Brendon - John's Auto Care
6/25/2018 John Taylor Best shop ever
Thank you John. Glad we could help. Brendon - John's Auto Care
6/25/2018 Steve Johnson First experience with John's Auto Care. We were pleased with their response to our needs and had our vehicle ready in one day.
Thank you Steve. We are happy you had a good experience! Brendon - John's Auto Care
6/22/2018 Steve Bryan Absolutely the best repair shop in the Treasure Valley! I called Thursday morning to see if they could do an emergency fan switch and A/C repair. They fit me into their busy schedule and my car was ready by 5pm even though I didn't get it to them till 1pm! Awesome guys, thanks so much!
Thanks Steve! Glad we could get you done before the weekend. Brendon - John's Auto Care
6/22/2018 Jc Lampee Service on my 2003 Outback Subaru checking the air, brakes (which had to be redone) and several other things
Thank you for the great review. Fun chatting with you like always. Brendon - John's Auto Care
6/19/2018 Stephanie Whipple It would have been nice to have had the car fixed the first time, with the part, that needed to be replaced, done so. It was kind of frustrating that I had to return to your auto shop for a second time for the same reason as the first time. It would have saved us time and money and gas to get everything done the first time. Car works good now, and no service engine light has come on. Other than that both times the car was done in fast timely manner.
Thank you for the review Stephanie. Sorry you had to bring the car back to us, but glad it is fixed. Come see me for your next oil change service it's on me! Brendon - John's Auto Care
6/17/2018 Jake Dyer I have been using John's Auto Care for about 10 years and they have always offered exceptional quality and service. I appreciate Kevin, Brendon, and John's honesty, fair prices, and friendliness. My most recent experience was no different; I had a lot of work done on my '03 vehicle and always felt as though I was in good hands! I highly recommend John's; they are mechanics I can trust!
Thank you Jake. Always a pleasure working with you. (Hope you buy another 4runner)! Brendon - John's Auto Care
6/13/2018 Bill Stutzman Had my brakes done on an F-150. Complete brake job, pads, rotors, and calipers. A month later I had to take it back because the left front brakes were rubbing into the rotor. They replaced the caliper and the pads again. Six months later had to again. Said it was bad caliper. A year now and it did it again. I tore it apart myself and found they mismatched the brake pads causing the calipers to hang up! Pads come in a matched set for each wheel. One must go on the inside the other must go on the outside of the rotor. They used two outside brake pads one the one front left tire! 2500 dollars later I fixed it myself.
Bill thank you for bringing this to our attention. I brought a set of those pads in to see what the difference was. There are two inside and two outside pads. Do you still have the parts? We want to make this right with you. Thank you again, I will be in contact. Brendon - John's Auto Care
6/10/2018 Sharon Jassman I trust what John's tells me about services needed.
Thank you Sharon for your kind review. Brendon - John's Auto Care
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