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A Properly Functioning Cooling System Can Help With Avoiding Breakdowns

Is your car unable to start because of the freezing temperatures? Or is your car's engine alert light on because of engine overheating? If so, your car's cooling system hasn't maintained your engine at the proper operating temperature.

What does your vehicle's cooling system do?

The cooling system absorbs excess heat generated by burning your car's fuel. The system redirects excess heat trapped within your engine into the radiator's cooling system, which absorbs it into the coolant that circulates within your car's radiator. The cooling process prevents your engine from getting too hot and breaking down. The coolant also prevents your engine from getting too cold in the cold season.

The coolant in your cooling system also has anti-corrosive properties that help in protecting your engine from corrosion.

What kinds of breakdowns does your car's cooling system prevent?

A cooling system that works correctly can prevent car problems that could damage your engine or other components. Here are some of the issues a perfect car cooling system prevents when it is in good working condition.

  • An excellent cooling system prevents engine overheating and engine part damages
  • A working cooling system prevents coolant leakage that may lead to overheating
  • A proper car cooling system prevents hose, gasket, and seal damages that may need expensive repairs or replacements

What should you do if your car shows signs of overheating?

Overheating may cause engine damage and can spoil components such as hoses and gaskets. If your car shows overheating, it is prudent to follow the procedure outlined below.

  • You should first pullover and assess the potential problem
  • Open all windows and only drive if necessary. If you have to drive, then do so to the nearest repair shop near you. If you can't drive, call for assistance!

Do you need a cooling system repair? If so, our auto repair shop invites you to bring your vehicle to John's Auto Care today for top-notch repair deals and services.


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