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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Is it Safe to Drive with Your Check Engine Light On?

Is it Safe to Drive with Your Check Engine Light On?

We've all done it. Ignored that little illuminated outline of an engine on the dashboard, possibly even putting some electrical tape over it. Out of sight out of mind right? Well, only until that check engine light turns your amazing transportation machine into the world's largest paperweight. Get to know your check engine light by name. By this, we mean understanding that the check engine light triggers for specific reasons. Thankfully there's no one behind a curtain just flipping the switch when they feel like the vehicle is running poorly. Diagnostic tools use standardized error codes, over 5,000 of them, to read your vehicle's computer output and pinpoint the issue. These issues can be anything from an unbalance air/fuel mixture to more pressing issues such as multiple engine misfires. Because of this, it is recommended to take your vehicle in immediately for a diagnostics scan. Driving with a check engine light on can lead to much more serious problems than an a ... read more

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