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What Does the TPMS Warning Light Indicate?

What Does the TPMS Warning Light Indicate?

If you are curious about what the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is, it is essentially a tool that makes it possible for you to monitor your tire pressure using your dashboard. You will see the warning light turning on when you need to take your car to the mechanic for a checkup. The TPMS is very important because it keeps track of your tire pressure. When the warning light appears on your dashboard, it means that your tires do not have enough air, and you will need to have them refilled so that they are back at the recommended PSI. You may not think that low tire pressure is a big problem, but it can come with many unwanted effects, including decreased towing capability and payload, more of a risk of a blowout or flat tire, lower fuel economy and poor traction, and tire wear that happens at a faster pace. Your TPMS warning light could also come on when your tires have been overinflated. Putting too much air in your tires can be just as bad as having too little air in them wh ... read more

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