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Monthly Archives: May 2020

5 Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Driving over uneven pavement or potholes can cause your vehicle's wheels to become misaligned. Assuring proper wheel alignment is one of the essential components of vehicle and tire maintenance. A car that's misaligned will unevenly wear your tires at an alarming rate. Additionally, wheel alignment does not just affect wheels or tires; it also involves a vehicle's suspension system. If the road becomes bumpy or uneven, a balanced wheel alignment may be your saving grace when you need to make a fast turn. Wheel alignment problems can be caused by several factors such as road conditions, hitting potholes, and driving over snow. Excessive braking can cause alignment issues, especially if your brakes are gripping on one rotor more over the other. Sometimes the wear and tear of suspension parts such as the shocks, struts, or springs can lead to wheel misalignment. Additionally, any height modifications such as "lifting" may result in a future problem. Here are a few ... read more

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